The primary purpose of the academic program at Bluewater Bible College & Institute is to prepare men and women for life and ministry through a curriculum based on Biblical Studies, Christian and Elementary Education, and General Studies. It is our goal to produce a caliber of student that will be prepared for the challenges of leadership and servant-hood in a ministry setting.

Our curriculum is comprised of various courses that, in our estimation, best assist students in preparing them for their future ministry endeavors.

Biblical Studies
It is our belief that knowledge of the Scriptures is essential to the success of any ministry. Therefore, our Biblical Studies Core makes up the majority of our courses. This core includes courses in Biblical Expositions and Surveys, Systematic Theology, and Biblical History.


Christian Education
It is important that courses that investigate the practical side of ministerial experience be equally emphasized in Bluewater’s curriculum. Careful study of the Scriptures is the foundation upon which practical ministry is built. The mature Christian leader must have both. The Christian Education courses deal with practical areas of ministry training. This core includes courses in Missions, Homiletics, Pastoral Theology, Discipleship Training, and Evangelism.

General Studies
In order to give our students a well rounded perspective on the varied areas of human interests, a selection of courses are offered that deal with areas in general education. This core includes courses in English Composition, Speech, Psychology, Music, and Computer Studies.


Elementary Education
Realizing the importance of teaching children from a Christian perspective in the ministry of the local church and the Christian school, Bluewater offers a number of courses that train the Christian school teacher for ministry in the field of education. This core includes courses in Teaching Methodologies, Early Childhood Education, Curriculum Design, and Educational Philosophies.

These courses allow students to take classes that are not a required part of their chosen degree. It is hoped that in giving students this option, they will broaden their knowledge in areas outside of their chosen field of study.