Ready to Go!

On Sunday the 19th of January, Glenroy Whyte was installed as Pastor at the Grace Baptist Church on St. Thomas USVI. The event was filled with excitement, praise and the recounting of the various character traits of the Bluewater Bible College professor. Pastor Whyte has served on the island of St. Thomas for over 10 years; his powerful preaching and exuberant laughter has lifted the hearts of everyone he has come in contact with. In the charge given to Whyte before his congregation, all the pastors present in the auditorium were eencouragedto lay hands on him in prayer. Pastor Lennox Zamore, the moderator, reaffirmed that though this was not an ordination, it was necessary for the man of God to be reminded of the awesome task that he has before him. May God bless him as he seeks to lead this flock.